We are living through a crisis of scale, a crisis that affects all systems and that requires a new understanding of reality, a new conscience, and a new way of organizing the collective in all areas, overcoming the undesired effects of the old models. A positive transformation will depend on all of the responses that we will be able to articulate in the present and near future.

In this context, the role of students is essential, since they will be the main protagonists of tomorrow. The 6th International Conference on Higher Education, hosted by the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) in Barcelona in May 2013, took on this challenge by asking students from around the world to bring their ideas to the higher education community. The call was made asking students to make a 2-3 minute video interpreting the statement “The World We Imagine”. “What world would you like to live in?” and “What tools can make this imagined world work?”

We received over 50 videos from students and civil society organizations from all regions of the world, sharing their voices of the world they want to create and the tools we will need to get there.  The videos were edited into a collage of clips representing the various themes inspired by the students and civil society.  Some of these included: inclusive education, environmental sustainability, building community, embracing diversity, a world at peace, and a strong civil society!

This collective video “The World We Imagine” demonstrates the urgency for inspiring ad being open to new ways of knowing and working together for the common good. It highlights that we as individuals have the capacity to create our own future, and the path to our hopes and our dreams is through our own ACTIONS.

Each action in the direction of our goals helps us build the future WE imagine. So stop over-thnking and start acting, solve the problems that plague society and create the solutions that will become our history, because transforming ideas into reality, believing in yourself and ultimately creating the future that you imagine! Don’t just wonder about the future – CREATE it.