Awards and Honours

Semi-finalist Ashoka ‘Closing the Loop’ Competition – 2014

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship 2013-2015. $81,000

Andy Farquharson Teaching Excellence Award for Graduate Students, University of Victoria 2012. $500

Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy Graduate Student Research Fellowship (CCCBE) 2011-2012 $3,000

Social Sciences Humanities Research Council Joseph-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholarship (SSHRC) 2009-2012 $105,000

Canadian Social Economy Doctoral Fellowship 2009-2010 $15,000

University of Victoria Derek Sewell Award 2008 $1,000

Latin-American and Caribbean Research Exchange Grant (LACREG) 2008 $6,500

International Activities Fund, Office of International Affairs, University of Victoria 2007 $1,000

Social Sciences Humanities Research Council Graduate Scholarship (SSHRC) 2004-2005 $18,500

University of Victoria President’s Scholarship 2004 $4,000

President’s Scholarship, Concordia University 2002 $1,000

In-course Bursary Scholarship Award, Concordia University 2000 $1,000

Research Funding

        Co-principle investigator (PI)

SSHRC ($659,000) – Hall, B., Tandon, R., and Tremblay, C. In collaboration with UBC, The Coady Institute, and PRIA.  (2014). Partnership Development Grant.  ‘Training the Next Generation of Community Based Researchers: A Global Partnership”.

SSHRC ($22,000) – Hall, B. and Tremblay, C.  (2012).  Learning from SSHRC Funded Partnerships: Community outcomes and conditions for success.

IDRC/Private ($80,000) – Gutberlet, J., Searle, R., and Tremblay, C. (2010-2011). RESOURCE RECOVERY: A SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL PARADIGM:An engaging and educational capacity building production on inclusive waste management initiatives. The production of three documentaries on waste and poverty in Brazil and Canada, knowledge mobilization products and community seminars.


IDRC Partnership Development Grant. ($120,000).  Hall, B., Tandon, R. and Tremblay, C., Gutberlet, J., Blanes, J., Openjuru, G.  (2012-2014).  Strengthening Institutional Structures for Community University Research Partnerships.  UNESCO Co-chair partnership on global networking for capacity-building in CBR.

SSHRC Connections Grant. ($50,000).  Hall, B and Tremblay, C.  (2013).  ‘Engagement, Innovation and Social Responsibility in Higher Education’ UNESCO Co-chair launch at the University of Victoria and symposium, workshops on CBR.