We recently wrapped up a Participatory Video research project in Teshie, a municipality in the greater metropolitan region of Accra, Ghana.  The project is in partnership with the Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia.

In March 2015, we conducted a video production workshop with 13 participants from the LEKMA local government General Assembly, local NGOs and community members from Teshi and the surrounding areas.  Six days of technical training in video production and editing, communications, and thematic development lead to 3 groups producing a series of community videos documenting local water and sanitation challenges.  There are a number of difficult challenges that this community faces including: broken pipes and failing infrastructure causing wastage of treated water and limited access to households; water affordability and limited access to water and certain times of the day, and day per week; and the taste and hardness of the water for some community members asa result of the salt water desalination.  Residents also voiced their concerns about the lack of drains and gutters, causing floods during rainy season and impacting businesses and households.

Sanitation and domestic waste are also serious challenges in Teshie.  Waste collection services are not adequately serving the population and causing harmful impacts including the smell, illegal dumping, burning of waste and pollution.  A lack of toilets in public spaces including schools and many homes result in open defication and pollution of water ways throughout the area.