Very excited to announce our SSHRC Partnership Development Grant was funded…and rated number one in the country!! The project brings together a stellar team across Canada and the globe.  The UNESCO Chair in CBR will be working with UBC, the Coady Institute, UVic and the Society for Participatory Research in Asia, in addition to 16 networks organizations around the world, over the next 2 years.  ‘Building the Next Generation of Community-based Researchers’ will create new interdisciplinary knowledge by examining CBR training practices in the thematic areas of local asset development, participatory citizenship, Indigenous research methodologies and water governance in global and institutional settings.  The overall goal of the NextGen project is contribute to increase access to high quality training in CBR within higher education institutions and civil society organizations with a particular focus on the Global South.

IMG_5538A new publication is now available in the Journal of Waste and Resource Management titled ‘Towards Inclusive Waste Management: PV as a communication tool‘.  The paper describes the outcomes of  a four-year project working with recycling cooperatives in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, using PV as a tool for public policy.

We have also just released the results of our global survey on institutional structures supporting Community University Research Partnerships.  The results reveal a variety of institutional arrangements and processes that show promise for facilitating effective respectful and impactful community-university research partnerships.  Furthermore, the data points to important current challenges and opportunities for strengthening civil society and higher education to work collaboratively on societies pressing issues.  A copy of the full report available here.