Civic Mundo Consulting: New Solutions for a New World

Civic Mundo is a new-generation consulting group providing a range of services to development and funding agencies, foundations, non-governmental organizations and social enterprises, including: project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, applied research, training, capacity-development and knowledge mobilization.  The Principals of Civc Mundo -Dr. Crystal Tremblay and Dr. Jutta Gutberlet– bring to this work a set of leading-edge skills and experiences aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of policies, programs and projects undertaken by these agencies—interventions that address the most challenging issues of our fast changing world.  Participatory and community-based approaches are at the heart of Civic Mundo, that focus on finding solutions for community development and more sustainable livelihoods, while respecting environmental integrity.  Civic Mundo provides timely and appropriate solutions that add value to and increase the prospects of success of this important work.

Dr. Gutberlet is an Associate Professor at the University of Victoria in Canada, where she has created the Community-Based Research laboratory, a knowledge hub on community oriented applied research. She leads several international research and development projects and brings over 20 years of experiences with social and environmental impact assessments, participatory resource management, social movements and capacity enhancing activities with different stakeholders. Her research and community development approach is multidisciplinary, action-oriented and participatory, tackling rural and urban livelihood challenges. For the past 10 years she has focused on the multifaceted aspects of solid waste co-management with recycling cooperatives and on small-scale fisheries in Brazil.

Dr. Tremblay is an emerging scholar with over 10 years experience in the field of participatory and community-based research, environmental governance and livelihood enhancement in Canada and Latin America.  She specializes in using participatory video for action research, social mobilization, and capacity building in a variety of contexts including waste management, and water governance.  She is the research coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Community-based Research, and a SSHRC post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia.

Jointly, Civic Mundo brings highly specialized skills and a track record of success in international development projects, having attracted funding from numerous international organizations and widely documented through academic publications, reports, videos, and training materials.  Additional assets include aptitudes in multiple languages including German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, and extensive networks globally in the area ofresearch. For further information you can contact us at: and