Originally from Montreal, Quebec, I currently live on the traditional territories of the Lkwungen-speaking peoples on the Coast Salish Sea.  I am an Assistant Professor with the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria, and an Associate Faculty with the School of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University.  At the intersection of feminist political ecology and environmental justice, my research is focused on contested processes and spaces of citizen engagement. In particular, my research speaks directly to the nexus of the questions “what conditions are needed for new models of research to flourish, particularly the co-creation of knowledge with the public, private and non-profit sector?” and “what will be the outcomes of global pressures on accessibility and availability of food, water and energy?” Uncovering the interwoven and complex relationships between the political, economic and social factors with environmental issues has been central to my work. My MA, doctoral and postdoctoral research have all been strongly rooted in the investigation of innovations in community-driven development, participatory governance and public policy related to water, sanitation and waste with informal and underserved communities in urban Canada, Brazil, Ghana and South Africa.

From a methodological perspective, I am particularly interested in the critical theory and practice of Participatory Action Research, and other approaches to research that value and strengthen community knowledge and interrogate traditional structures of power in decision-making.  The integration of creative visual methodologies, and use of participatory video in particular, has been at the heart of my research and engagement approach.   I am particularly keen on strengthening structures where communities can gain access to creative communication avenues, promoting enhanced dialogue with government and the wider community, and ultimately leading to increased quality of life and citizenship.

For the past five years I have worked as a Research Director with the UNESCO Chair in Community-based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education, a collaborative partnership between the University of Victoria and the Society for Participatory Research in Asia, based in New Delhi, India.  In this capacity I have co-lead global research projects on topics related to collaborative research partnerships, and training in Community-based Research.

I speak French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.  I am a community-based scholar with several national and globally recognized studies. My work has been supported by CIDA, SSHRC, IDRC and other funders, and has been internationally acclaimed at the Global University Network for Innovation International Conference on “Knowledge, Transformation and Higher Education” in Barcelona, Spain in 2013.

I recently started Civic Mundo consulting group with my colleague Dr. Jutta Gutberlet, providing a range of services to development and funding agencies, foundations, non-governmental organizations and social enterprises, including: project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, applied research, training, capacity-development and knowledge mobilization. Participatory and community-based approaches are at the heart of Civic Mundo, that focus on finding solutions for community development and more sustainable livelihoods, while respecting environmental integrity.  Civic Mundo provides timely and appropriate solutions that add value to and increase the prospects of success of this important work.  Jointly, we bring highly specialized skills and a track record of success in international development projects, having attracted funding from numerous international organizations and widely documented through academic publications, reports, videos, and training materials.  Additional assets include aptitudes in multiple languages including German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, and extensive networks globally in the area of research.

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